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Recording the best sound possible,     no matter the produciton size. 

LNWTD crop.jpg
LNWTD crop.jpg

Are Sound Recordists film makers? Would you want to surround yourself on set with people who can collaborate? with people who understand what is in the best interest of the story? How important is it to you that your talent feel looked after, that your crew have their back? How much importance do you give to your actors' performance on set?

Location Sound might be seen as a mere technical position but the sound team on set are like a soundtrack in a film. If it is good, you will not notice it. Sometimes it shines to help the story be better, but it never steals the show. And that is my approach to sound recording and film making. I am on set to capture all the magic you and your actors create and to help the production be the best it can be. All of that with a smile. 

Here is just a sample of some productions I have been part of. Big or small. 

Commercials or TVC's are an important part of my work. Working on commercials is all about knowing your place in the production and being ready ahead of time. Some big, some small but always 100% sound. 

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