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Long Form

Long Form projects require endurance and professionalism. They also require communication skills and sensible team management. 

Someone with flash credits alone might not be the right choice for the show you are crewing. 

Having the right attitude and knowledge is what I'm most proud of. Helping to make your film the best it can be is what I am about. 

I am always happy to talk about your next project. It will only take you a few minutes and you will get a better idea of what I can bring to your production.

Here is just a sample of the latest productions I have been part of. Click on the image for more information. 

For a full list of productions visit my IMDB page or have a look at my CV 


Excellent Adutralian Drama for Stan. Recorded on location in Maldon and 

Castlemaine area. A grear shoot with Greg McLean at he helm, it looks amaizing and sounds great. 

Late Night With the Devil 

A great horror film with 100% Rotten Tomatoes 

Recorded dialogs, on-set band, audience plus playback and effects when required. A busy and extraordinarily fun shoot.


Love Me

Two seasons of drama series for Binge. Directed by Emma Freeman and Bonnie Moir. Brilliant performances and beautiful directing. A gift to be part it.

Savage River

Six part drama produced by Aquarius Films and the ABC. Great cast and natural locations made this job enjoyable and challenging innequal parts. 

Little Lunch

26 Episodes of kids tv mayhem with all what that means. And beacause I didn't have enough kids TV experience, I singned up to do 40 episodes of  The  InBestigators. I'm sure your kids have watched and ep or two... 

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